Friday Night Hangouts

Bring your family to hang out at our patio on Fridays from 6PM - 9PM. Enjoy a bottle of wine along with various local bands and food vendors. Table reservations are required. Please call (559) 419-9159 to reserve your table.

October 1 | 6PM - 9PM

Band: John Pemberton
Food Vendor: Big Papa's Wood Fired Pizza
Dessert: Sweet Moments by Ashlee

October 8 | 6PM - 9PM

Band: Prestige
Food Vendor: Guttierez Tacos & Quesadillas
Dessert: Sweet Moments by Ashlee

Octber 15 | 6PM - 9PM

Band: Classic All Stars
Food: Super Taco
Dessert: Lets Roll Fresno

Octber 22 | 6PM - 9PM

Band: Bazmati
Food: Quesadilla Gorilla
Dessert: TBA