“I consider winemaking to be both an art and a science.”

As a first generation native Californian born of Mexican descent, Oscar grew up in the San Joaquin Valley near Fresno. Growing up as the son of farm working family, his parents taught him how to care for grapevines and the soil. Oscar developed a strong connection to the land and the vine which developed into a passion that became his life’s pursuit. As his farming career developed, so did his interest in wine and his curiosity in the sciences of viticulture and enology. He enrolled in California State University Fresno to quench his thirst for knowledge. Upon graduating from Fresno State in 2003 with a degree in enology, Oscar Ramos-Torres initiated his career in the wine industry with his first crush as assistant winemaker to Jim Van Haun at Cedar View Winery.

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“I've always been involved in the operations of the vineyard. That’s experience not a lot of people have.”

The Ramos Torres brand was born while Oscar continued winemaking at Cedar View during the 2005 vintage. Ramos Torres’ first vintage was exciting and surreal. Although Oscar’s first vintage produced a minuscule 200 cases, it was still an exhilarating achievement and would set the stage for future success. In 2008, Oscar opened the Ramos Torres tasting room in Kingsburg and the wines proved prosperous within the community. Meanwhile, Ramos Torres was beginning to out-grow the small facility that they shared with Cedar View Winery. Oscar soon undertook an expansion to the tasting room building to house a new winery. In 2012 Ramos Torres had its first full crush at the new winery.

“By engaging and interacting, I'am able to make wines that are double-gold good.”

From the very first vintage, Ramos Torres’ goal has been to create well balanced wines that have a sense of place. These are wines that treasure subtlety and elegance over power and brute force. These are wines where varietal character is not veiled by excessive amounts of new oak and ripeness. With every vintage, Ramos Torres continues to refine their craft by learning from the vineyard and improving their techniques in the cellar.

Ramos Torres Winery currently produces 2,500 cases annually. They are focused on producing exceptional Rhone style wines from its estate vineyard and single vineyard designated wines from premium vineyards throughout California.

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The Ramos Torres Brand


Oscar’s parents, Eduardo F. Ramos and Estela (Torres) Ramos have been his lifelong mentors and source of inspiration to him. It was a tribute of gratitude which ultimately formed the Ramos Torres brand. The unique symbol that makes up our logo is a combination of Oscar’s parents’ astrological signs: Virgo and Libra. It has been through their humble beginnings and hard work that they were rewarded with a wonderful life for their family in the spirit of farming and community. Oscar has continued his parents work in the farming tradition and has endeavored to bring world class wines to our community.

Team Ramos Torres

  • Oscar F. Ramos

    Oscar F. Ramos

    Proprietor and Winemaker

    Owner and Winemaker Oscar F. Ramos believes that sometimes there are things that one really cares to do, which must be shared with those who care to know about them even if it’s coming from the most unlikely place. A young winemaker with a degree in enology from Fresno State, he started the 2004 crush as an assistant winemaker to Jim Van Haun at Cedar View Winery. The Ramos Torres brand and Oscar’s winemaking venture began in 2005, and his experience and success has continued to build the winery he has envisioned for years. His hometown of Kingsburg, CA, has also been the home of the Ramos Torres Tasting Room since November 2008, and the winery’s first crush at the same location was held in 2012.

  • Julia Jacobsma

    Julia Jacobsma

    Winery Manager

    Julia holds a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Economics from Fresno State University. She brings with her to Ramos Torres, several years of experience in sales, fundraising, event planning, finance, banking, and customer relations. Now as a member of the RTW team, she brings a new level of excitement and enthusiasm to a company whose level of corporate integrity is aligned with the family and community-centered culture instilled in the Central Valley. Having come from a family of Central Valley farmers, Julia’s heart has pointed her in the direction of this charming, locally-owned and ever-growing winery.